"The neck gasket on my new drysuit strangles me and I get dizzy."


Three options to relieve a tight neck gasket:

1 The gasket will loosen up a bit after you wear the dry suit or top 5-10 times.

2 Stretch the gasket around a jug overnight and keep it stretched until you put the suit on. It will revert to its unstretched fit after an hour or so, but this will help by making it less tight long enough for you to get out on the water and start having fun -- at which point you'll forget about the gasket.

3 Trim a little off the end of the gasket which will make it permanently wider and looser. This is what we do with our personal suits and for the larger size suits in our fleet of rental dry suits. There are trim lines molded into the rubber on the inside of the gasket for this purpose. Each line is about 1/4" apart. Trim one line at a time and put the gasket on to see if that is enough. Keep in mind that a new gasket will loosen some with use so leave it as snug as you can live with – you can also stretch it as per “2” above until you’ve worn the suit enough for the gasket to relax on its own. Use sharp "sewing" scissors and avoid making any nicks (or smooth them out if you do make a nick).

Note: For people with really large necks (i.e. 18.5" or more), you may have to trim so much off the top of the gasket that it doesn't have much of a flat surface to seal against your skin. If this is uncomfortable or causes excessive leakage, another option is to replace the gasket with a larger size. K.A. sells aftermarket gaskets in bigger sizes than what dry suits or dry tops come with.


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