The annual LaPush Kayak Surf Pummel will be Feb. 25-26, 2017

There will be a pot-luck dinner on Sat. the 25th at the "Clubhouse" which is in the campground behind the general store. Kayak Academy is sponsoring the use of the Clubhouse for the dinner.

The Surf Pummel is a non-competitive gathering of kayakers and friends at LaPush. The surf tends to be big and often more kayakers are become spectators than paddlers, but it's all good. LaPush is literally a picture postcard kind of place (also featured in the "Twilight" movies) with lots of beautiful day hikes and whitewater rivers nearby for those who don't go out in the surf.

Photo from decades ago, Bob Sampson endering an 18' Polaris sea kayak while surfing the mouth of the river at LaPush (I believe the photo was taken from the Jetty by Joel Rogers with a zoom. After this Bob missed his roll and did a wet exit -- in less then 50 seconds I emptied the water from his kayak with the "T" and assisted him back in). George Gronseth

K.A. has reserved a cabin for our staff. Hope you can join us.


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