Kokatat Women's Gore-Tex Idol 2-pc Drysuit -- Close-Out Color Sale, W-Large only

Kokatat Women's Gore-Tex Idol 2-pc Drysuit -- Close-Out Color Sale, W-Large only

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Brief Description

Close-out sale on discontinued colors

Kokatat Women's Idol 2-pc Gore-Tex Drysuit is revolutionary in many ways! The Idol is the first truly DRY two-piece drysuit. Kokatat accomplished this by developing a waterproof zipper that separates. The Dry Top upper half zips together with the Dry Pant bottom half. You can wear either piece by itself although as with other dry tops and pants either piece by itself won't keep you dry if you swim, but you can wear the top half with a sleeveless farmer jon wetsuit or neo. shorts as you might with any other dry top for warm weather paddling or wear the pants around camp on expeditions instead of packing an extra pair of rain/wind pants. You can even wear the bottom half of the Idol to the store or restaurant after paddling. We like the convenience of being able put the dry pant bottoms on at home but waiting till we meet our friends at the put-in before donning the dry top half with its latex neck gasket etc.  

The Idol's zipper goes around your waist, so it has all the advantages of a rear entry zipper (boat stays dryer, freedom of movement, etc.) without the hassle of a rear entry suit (needing someone to help you open and close the rear zipper so you don't break it). The Idol's unique two piece zipper (Switch Zip) is easy to run around your middle, so you can get in and out by yourself. The SwitchZip unzips to function as your "relief zipper" (pee zip) for use with a FUD funnel or you can unzip it completely to function as a women's dropseat zipper. 

Detailed Description

With a front entry suit, you can get in and out of it by yourself, but sometimes you feel the stiffness of the chest zipper while paddling and even with an overskirt on the drysuit you can get a little seepage of water into the cockpit of your kayak when rolling or cartwheeling. These issues are eliminated with a rear entry zipper, but rear entry zippers often get broken when you try to open or close them by yourself (and sooner or later there will be times when no-one is around to help). There are tricks for opening and closing a rear entry zipper by yourself, but none of them are 100% guaranteed to prevent breaking the zipper. A broken zipper can ruin your day/whole trip, and it will take at least a month and a couple hundred dollars to get it fixed. With the Idol suit's new SwitchZip you get the best of everything -- a drysuit you can get in and out of without help, freedom of movement without feeling any zipper stiffness on your chest or shoulders, and no water leaking down the zipper through your sprayskirt into the cockpit. Plus you have the added features of being able to wear the upper half of the Idol as a double skirted dry top (which it is). The top even comes with a flap to cover the zipper when wearing it by itself as a dry top. And you can wear the bottom half as rain pants at camp or on a raft in flat water they can be your "dry pants" (note no dry pant will keep you dry if you go in the water over the waist).

The are two drawbacks to the Women's Idol suit. As with the zipper on your PFD or a front zip jacket, it requires some finger dexterity and patience to get the two halves of the zipper mated together so you can start to zip it. If you have difficulty getting other zippers started, this probably isn't the suit for you.  The other drawback is the bulk of the zipper around your waist does not make the most flattering design for women, but if style is what matters you probably wouldn't be a kayaker anyway, and when it comes to function the Women's Idol dry suit can't be beat. Watch the video: Idol Switch Zip Video


The bottom half of the Idol dry suit is made of a special Cordura® Gore-Tex which has the highest abrasion resistance of any waterproof/breathable fabric. The shoulders and lower sleeves are also made of Cordura Gore-Tex and the remainder of the top is made of the same 3.21oz 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro fabric (heavier than the best GoreTex mountain jacket fabric) that Kokatat builds most of their other Gore-Tex suits with. This Cordura Gore-Tex in the high wear areas makes the Kokatat Idol (and Icon) suit the most durable waterproof/breathable dry suit.

The Idol dry suit comes standard with Gore-Tex dry socks.

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