UrSack Major Bear Bag

UrSack Major Bear Bag

UrSack Major Bear Bag

$ 84.95 USD

The UrSack is a flexible bear-resistant food storage bag with the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Committee Certification number 3738. Unlike rigid bear canisters, it's easy to fit through most kayak hatches and easy to hang for extra protection.

Made from bulletproof tight weave Spectra fabric with a high-tensile strength cord closure. The sacks should be tied closed with a double overhand knot making sure that the contents are not visible. Complete the system by lining the UrSack with waterproof/odor-proof OPSack bags (sold separately). Together this makes a system that is highly bear and other critter resistant.

Check with the particular park or forest you are visiting for their specific regulation on approved food containers.

Weight 7.8 oz

Capacity: 10.65

Size: 650 cu in/10.65l,  14 inches high x 12 inches wide  (24 inches circumference, 7.8" diameter)

Accessories: See OPSak Odor Proof Barrier Bag