Nemo Extremo Kayak Cart

Nemo Extremo Kayak Cart

Nemo Extremo Kayak Cart

$ 119.95 USD

Nemo Extremo Center cart w/kick bar, air-free tires that never go flat, and it dismantles with push buttons for compact storage in hatches.

No small parts to drop or lose. Ideal for double kayaks and for loaded singles.

Frame:11" x 20" 25mm diameter aluminum tubing rather than the typical 19mm frames.
Wheels: 10" x 3" solid, air-free tires

Matte-black frame color with cobalt accented wheels, cart combines new flat-free, vibration reducing, solid urethane tires with a super heavy-duty frame design.

Includes 2 cinch Straps

Static load rated 250 lbs. KA recommend rolling load limit 125 lbs.

Weight: Approx 8 lbs