Tempest Backband Kit

Tempest Backband Kit

$ 78.00 USD

Replacement back band for Wilderness Systems Tempest, Dagger Stratos, and Alchemy 14 kayaks.

Kit includes side adjuster straps with metal fitting to attach to vertical seat mounting bolts in above kayaks.

Note for late model WS Tempests (built after 2010), this is an upgrade kit -- not the current low hung, springy model (third generation). Unfortunately, WS "improved" the back band in 2011 by lengthening the main webbing mounting straps so as to run them around the sides of the seat (instead of attaching them to the aft seat bolts) all the way up to the thigh hook area where there are sliders to adjust the tension. The purpose of this change was to make it easier to adjust the back band while seated in the kayak (although you still need to hop out to unbuckle the top straps that keep the seat back from flopping forward while getting in - oops so it really didn't make it easier to adjust). The down side is all those extra feet of webbing make the back band so springy that you can't get comfortable no matter how you adjust the back band. And worse yet, this new arrangement also has the side affect of lowering the back band because it's no longer attached to the top of the seat.

The fix to make the current style Tempest back band comfortable is to replace it with the second generation back band (the one with the smoothed metal end fittings that attach via the aft seat mounting bolts). WS doen't sell this kit per se', but their sister brand, Dagger, does. The Dagger's Stratos back band is the same as the good old Tempest back band except for the color and graphics.

History and installation/retro-fitting instructions may be found on our "Kayak Tips" blog (scroll to the bottom of any page to find the link). The color and graphics have changed and will not not match your OEM Tempest or Dagger hardware (photos here are for reference only, the graphic change every year but the fit and function is correct), but the improved comfort makes it all worthwhile.