Kokatat Gore-Tex Tempest Pants w/Socks

Kokatat Gore-Tex Tempest Pants w/Socks

Kokatat Gore-Tex Tempest Pants w/Socks

$ 310.00 USD

Brief Description

Kokatat GoreTex Tempest Pants w/ Socks are great for fishing from shore etc., and they're made in USA by Kokatat. The reason most similar pants leak is because of the quality, both the fabric quality and the manufacturing quality (sewing and seam taping). With these dry pant waders you get Kokatat's superb manufacturing quality in a product made from 3-layer GoreTex Pro Shell waterproof/breathable fabric. GoreTex Tempest pants are only available in Men's sizes, but the Hydrus 3L version of the Tempest Pants are available in Men's and Women's sizes, and we have a separate pages for them. The difference between the GoreTex pants and the Hydrus 3L pants is the GoreTex is the most breathable and the most durable.

Detailed Description

The GoreTex dry socks are attached to the pant legs and seam taped to the pants so you just step in with your liner socks on and put your favorite wading boots or wet suit booties on over top of the dry socks. Built-in gravel guard ankle cuffs covers the tops of your boots and adjust with "hook & loop" tabs.

Waistband is stretchy neoprene with "hook & loop" tabs to adjust so you won't need suspenders. However, if you fall into the water these pants will fill up like waders. So use them when falling in is not a risk. Everyone wants or even expects that dry pants will seal at the waist, but we've never found a product that does. These pants being made of 3-layer GoreTex Pro Shell fabric sewn and seam sealed by Kokatat in USA is as good as it gets.


Men's Sizes: S-XXL

Unisex (Men's) Kokatat Sizing