Kajak Sport Round Click-on Hatch Cover (3 Sizes)

Kajak Sport Round Click-on Hatch Cover (3 Sizes)

$ 32.00 USD

Kajak-Sport Click-on hatch cover series have a rigid plastic center with a soft rubber lip making it lighter and easier to open and close than the Original Rubber model lid. Click-on covers are interchangeable with other Kajak Sport Round hatch covers of the same size, however, the Click-on covers are for composite (fiberglass) and thermo-formed kayaks only (these kayaks have a black Kajak-Sport hatch rim). The Original Rubber Hatch Covers can be used on roto-molded PE kayaks as well as all others.

Kayak brands that use Kajak-Sport hatches include: P&H, TideRace, CD, Eddyline -- select years, NDK (except the day hatch which uses a Valley cover), Tahe, Rebel, Zegul, Rockpool, and late model fiberglass WS Tempests.

Round Click-on hatch covers are available in three sizes. (The Round Original Rubber series hatch covers are available in these same sizes plus two additional sizes: 10cm and Valley Day Hatch size)

Typical uses by size:

15cm "Fourth Hatch" (front day hatch in front of cockpit)
SN: 301311

20cm "Day Hatch" (behind cockpit)
SN: 301511

24cm Bow Hatch (and rear hatch on kayaks that don't have an oval rear hatch, i.e. NDK kayaks)
SN: 301711