Used Kayaks, Used Drysuits, Used Kayak Equipment

 Updated: May 27, 2019

Used equipment at bargain prices -- no warranty on used equipment. All sales are final except for used dry suits - see notes there. We are located near Seattle, Washington. If shipping is needed it will typically add $12 for UPS ground for most small items (i.e. a dry suit or pfd) shipped to the 48 contiguous US States. Items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii generally ship via Priority Mail.

NOTE: We don't ship kayaks but you can make arrangements with KAS Transport for kayak shipping FOB from us to you.

If someone's name and contact information are listed with an item, contact them directly. Otherwise, call the Kayak Academy at or e-mail us at

If purchasing from the Kayak Academy you may pay by cash, check, MasterCard or VISA.

Water Craft (kayaks, Canoes, SUPS, etc.)


Kayak equipment


Folding Kayaks

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Sea Kayaks (singles)

Tahe RM Reval Midi PE: w/ Skeg 16'1" x 22", 62lbs, Triple layer roto-molded construction for greater stiffness and durability. Medium to Large person's all around sea kayak, medium size cockpit, three hatches and three bulkheads, excellent condition, $1100.00

Grand Illusion fiberglass, XXL sized person's all around sea kayak with "Skeel", three hatches. 17'3" x 23.5". 50lbs, 8 yrs old but little used and excellent condition. Yellow deck/White hull/Black Seam, made is USA. 
$3,700.00 (new $5,290.00)

Pyranha Octane 175 Pro Ski (Surf Ski Kayak, roto-molded) 17.5', Based on Think Kayaks design, good beginner surf ski, good fitness trainer, reasonably stable (for a race kayak) and more hip room than most surf skis, Orange, 1 yr old, like new condition. 
$999.00 (new $1,500)

TooGood Mako Surf Ski, Sterling built fiberglass, White w/blue seam, fits L-XL paddler, fast & tippy, very good condition. 

P&H Hammer, 14' w/skeg, deck lines, and 4 rubber hatches, Large to XL person's surf and rock garden specialty kayak, good condition, blue. 

TideRace Xplore L fiberglass, Large - XL sized person's fast expedition kayak with plenty of volume for long camping trips. 3 yrs old, excellent condition. Red & Black deck/White hull. 
$3,450.00 (new $4,199.00)

Valley Rapier 18' (the Sword) racing sea kayak w/rudder, fiberglass, Yellow Deck/White Hull, good condition.

Valley Rapier 20' (the sword), the fastest sea kayak, Pro Kevlar layup, Signal Red Deck/White Hull/Black Seam, like new condition.
$1,900.00 (new $4,599.00)

Close-out SALE on New Sea Kayaks

In addition to the used kayaks here, click this link to see our kayak sale page.

NOTE: we are a dealer for: Tiderace Kayaks, Valley Kayaks, Current Designs, P&H, NorthShore, Wilderness Systems, Eddyline Kayaks, Dagger and more. Click Sea Kayaks link here for details.

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Sea Kayaks (doubles)

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Recreational Kayaks (singles)

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Sit-on-top Kayaks / Fishing Kayaks

WS Ride 115 Max Angler, 2015 model, Mango, Very Good condition. For images and details, click here.
$750.00 (New $1,375.00)

WS Ride 135 Max Angler, 2015 model, Mango, Very Good condition. For images and details, click here.
$800.00 (New $1,475.00)

Jackson Cruise 10,  Dorodo color (lime and blue camo), Very good condition. $559.30 (New $799.00)

Jackson Cruise 12,  2015 model, Rockfish (Red) color, Very good condition. For images and details, click here.
$699.30 (New $999.00)

Jackson Liska, 2018 model, Forest color, Very Good condition. For images and details, click here.
$944.30 (New $1,349.00)

Jackson Cuda LT, 2017 model, Lime, Very good condition. For images and details, click here.
$1,079.40 (New $1,799.00)

Jackson Coosa FD, 2017 model, Lime, Very good condition. For images and details, click here.
$2,099.30 (New $2,999.00)

Jackson Kraken 13.5, 2018 model, BlueFin color, Very good condition. For images and details, click here.
$944.30 (New $1,349.00)

Jackson Mayfly, 2017 model, Rockfish (Red) color, Very good condition. For images and details, click here.
$1,329.30 (New $1,899.00)

Jackson Cuda HD, 2018 model, Rockfish (Red) color, Very good condition. 
$1,329.30 (New $1,899.00)

Close-out SALE on New Fishing Kayaks

In addition to the used kayaks here, click this link to see our fishing kayak sale page.

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River Kayaks

Pyranha Vorun play boat for Med. to Med-Large paddler. 7 year old design but boat looks almost new. Orange.

Jackson MonStar, XXL-XXXL person's freestyle kayak. Very good condition, yellow.

Jackson RockStar M Comp 2016 model, M-L person's freestyle kayak. Competition model has graphite seat stiffener and is 3lbs lighter than standard model. Little used condition, Yellow Jacket.
$800.00 ($1,400.00 new)

Jackson Karma Unlimited, 12' Creek Racing kayak. Fits Med. - XL paddler. Perfect condition, little used, 2 yr old, Lime.

Jackson Karma S, Small person's creek boat (also good river runner for beginner to intermediate paddler), used, excellent condition, 2016 model, Sunrise.

Jackson Karma L, XL-XXL person's creek boat (also good river runner for beginner to intermediate paddler), used, excellent condition, 2016 model, Red.

Jackson Zen L, XL - XXL person's river running kayak, great for learning and forgiving for intermediate paddlers too. 1.5 years old very good condition, Lime colors.

Close-out SALE on New River Kayaks

In addition to the used white water kayaks above, click this link to see our river kayak sale page.

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Surf Kayaks

Valley Storm RM Polyethylene surf kayak. About 8 foot long, red, like new. Boat has hard rails so it really bites in and carves. Super fun and responsive high performance surf kayak! No dents or warping, excellent condition. Comes with fins.
$895.00 (new $1,125.00).

Valley Sneaker Pro Kevlar lay-up surf kayak. Yellow/Orange deck/Clear gelcoat hull/Black Seam, New Perfect condition.
$1,224.50 (50% off reg. $2,449.00)

Valley Rip Pro Kevlar lay-up surf kayak. Red Metal Flake deck/white hull, excellent condition.
$800.00 (new $2,199.00).

Valley Rush 7-2 Ulta Kevlar (deck and hull are Carbon/Kevlar), Purple/Blue deck/Clear gelcoat Hull/Bright Blue Seam, New perfect condition.
$1,721.40 (40% off reg. $2,869.00)

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Mad River Journey (15.5’) polyethylene canoe. Works well for BCU/Canadian style (kneeling) solo and tandem canoeing or as tandem American style canoeing (sitting in the seats). Excellent working order (never bent etc.). Vinyl coated aluminum gunwales and ash thwarts. Very rugged and durable. Spruce green.

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SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

Jackson SuperFishal (Angler SUP board roto-molded polyethylene - very tough. Also good in lakes for heavy beginners), perfect condition, Olive, 2014 model. 
$600.00 (New $1050.00)

Imagine Surf Fit, blow molded PE SUP Board (11' x 30" x 8" 55lbs): stable, fast (displacement hull shaped bow), good tracking, very rugged and durable (great for families), good condition, Your choice of: Yellow, Lime, Orange.
$199.00 (new $600.00)
New adjustable paddles available for $50.00 extra.

Imagine Surf Mission AST 12'6" fiberglass/epoxy SUP Board,
$750.00 (new $1460)

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Spray Skirts for Sea Kayaks only

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Wet Suits

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Dry Suits

Policies For Used Dry Suits

Unless the item's description below specifically says otherwise, the following drysuits are either from our rental fleet (which may have our logo on the right sleeve) or trade-in items. We typically sell our rental dry suits after they have had two seasons of use and we pressure test them for leaks and patch them before selling.

Our rental drysuits are meticulously maintained and when necessary patched and tested to keep them from leaking. Throughout their use as rental suits, we use our experience and expertise to replace their gaskets before they get worn enough to be likely to fail. So when you buy a used dry suit from us, it will be ready to wear -- you won't have to replace the gaskets before using it as is generally the case with used dry suits found anywhere else (we know because we are often asked to repair gaskets for used drysuits bought on-line).

There will almost always be some patches on a used drysuit that doesn't leak. Our philosophy is: patches are good -- leaks are bad. Most of the patching we do are on the inside of the suit where it doesn't show when wearing the suit, and most patches are mere squares of seam tape to cover pin-holes from thorns and keys etc., or shallow scratches.

For used dry suits, all sales final after a two week grace period from the date of shipping (for you to confirm the fit and check that the condition of the suit matches its description).

Manufacturer's warranty's are for the original owner, so used dry suits have no warranty. However, if you buy a used Kokatat drysuit from the Kayak Academy, K. A. will give the following warranty for one year from your purchase date: If there is a defect in the material or workmanship on the dry suit, K. A. will either fix the problem, replace the suit with a similar used drysuit that is in equal or better condition and without the defect, or if you prefer K. A. will credit what you paid for the used suit less $200.00 toward the purchase of a new drysuit from K. A. As with the original manufacturer's warranty, K. A.'s warranty does not cover gaskets or zippers or damage done by the customer. Warranty claims must be returned to K. A. at the owner's expense, and drysuit must be washed and dried first. Allow two weeks for warranty processing.

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K.A. Silver Label Kokatat Gore-Tex EXP Dry suit, Radish top and bottom with black Cordura knee and elbow reinforcement, Women's medium. Features include a lowered front entry zipper to allow use of F.U.D. systems, overskirt, left upper breast pocket and two upper sleeve pockets. No dropseat. Brand new condition, and has gaskets that are in brand  new condition.
$700.00 (New $1,315.00)

Kokatat Gore-Tex Radius Dry Suit, 2-Piece suit, Electric Blue upper torso and arms/Ocean blue lower torso and legs/ Yellow detailing, Women's M-Tall (Torso lengthened by 2 in., inseam lengthened by 3 in.). Features include GoreTex drysocks, Removable Hood, 2 Sleeve Pockets, R Thigh Pocket, Overskirt for kayaking and Kokatat's SwitchZip Zipper that allows the top and bottom of the drysuit to seperate. Top half can also be used by itself as a dry top. Very slightly used, all gaskets in practically new condition.
$1,010.00 (New $1614.00)



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Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Dry Suit, Radish/Black, Men's S. Features include GoreTex drysocks and Front Relief (pee) Zipper. 2 years old, wrist gaskets in good condition, new neck gasket, suit water tested and patched - lots of patches on inside but no leaks.
$600.00 (New $995.00)


Kokatat Gore-Tex Meridian Dry Suit, Chili/Grey with mango details, Men's M. Features include punch-though neoprene cuffs, waterproof/breathable drysocks, Relief (pee) Zipper, and over-skirt. 2018 model, brand new gaskets, only used twice.
$881.25 (New $1175.00)


Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Dry Suit, Mango/Cobalt, Men's L. Features include latex wrist and ankles gaskets (no relief zipper, no dry socks). All new gaskets, suit water tested and patched, lots of patches on inside.
$400.00 (New $1,010.00)


Kokatat GoreTex Meridian Dry Suit, Cobalt Blue, Men's XL, Features include Latex Socks, No Front Relief (pee) Zipper, and Overskirt for kayaking. Old style heavy-duty GoreTex, all new gaskets.

Kokatat GoreTex Idol Dry Suit, Yellow/Black, Men's XL, 2-piece dry suit. Features include Gore-Tex Socks, Overskirt for kayaking and Kokatat's SwitchZip Zipper that allows the top and bottom of the drysuit to seperate. Little used, gaskets in like new condition.
$750.00 (New $1,250.00)


Kokatat Gore-Tex Front Entry Dry Suit, Mango/Black, Men's XXL-Tall (torso custom lengthened 2"). Fits height up to 6'8".  Features include drysocks and Front Relief (pee) Zipper. 2 years old, neck and wrist gaskets good condition, water tested and patched.
$650.00 (New $1,050.00)

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Close-out SALE on New Drysuits

In addition to the used dry suits above, click the banner to see our dry suit sale page.

Don't see your size here? Our retail store stocks the largest selection of new Kokatat Goretex drysuit sizes in the US and probably anywhere else. We actually stock XXL, King size, all Women's sizes (with and without drop seat zippers), and we even stock some custom sized suits (i.e. Women's L with arms and legs shortened and Men's L and XL with body lengthened). And if you need a custom size or options that we don't have in stock we are happy to order them for you and have more experience with those custom options/sizing than any other Kokatat dealer (or even Kokatat itself). I (George Gronseth) have personally been using dry suits for kayaking for over twenty-five years (times about 200 days/year of use that adds up to a lot of dry suit experience). And my staff and I have put well over a thousand of our students into dry suits and spent the day or week with them. And that doesn't even count the people we've fitted in suits for retail sales. We have the most experience and the best service, and when you're making an investment as big as a new dry suit you don't want to make a mistake. Call us if you need help ordering a new dry suit.

Want to make a trade? We sometimes take used drysuits in on trade for credit toward a new suit. Call if you have a suit to trade in.

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Dry Tops

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Paddle Jackets

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Rain Pants

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Life Jackets (PFD)

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MSR Hubba Tent- 2013 solo tent/bivy with plenty of head space. Weight 3lbs. Extra gear fits in vestibule area. Good condition. $180.00

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If interested, call us at or e-Mail us at for more information.

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